2017/11/09... We opened the English website.

2017/07/14 ... We opened the Japanese website.

Our Purpose

Our aim is to contribute to the progress of scientific and academic research on Reiki therapy. We also promote effective and safe Reiki practice for the betterment of the society.

By the advancement of the research and the dissemination of Reiki in different fields such as psychology, medicine, industry, education, sports, welfare, etc., we are working to help people get better physical and mental health with ability to manage their stress.

This will help one’s personal growth and will help in creating better relationships with other people in a diversity of all the humans.

Greetings from the association directors

Japan Reiki Ryoho Gakkai was founded by experts from different fields such as phycology, psychiatry, religion, etc.
They all focus on Reiki Ryoho therapy, the alternative therapy that originated from Japan. In Europe and the United States, the research on Reiki has been already taken seriously. Therefore, we should work on its research in Japan as well.

People are paying more attention to Reiki therapy. Reiki is very effective in not only reducing temporary pain or giving relaxation in a single treatment but it also improves our vitality by restoring our natural innate healing ability.

On the other hand, we are facing some challenges that require proven scientific evidence in order to promote further dissemination of Reiki to our daily lives. For example, we would like to find out which kind of procedures/treatments will be effective and best mental condition of a person to benefit the most from Reiki treatment.

Furthermore, to improve the social status for Reiki practioners and students, it is necessary that these evidence and the training programs for them should be recognized in the society.

Japan Reiki Ryoho Gakkai believes that there is a responsibility for us to respond to these challenges. Therefore, we established this society as a place to conduct Reiki research. Through this network, we can discuss and exchange opinions by researchers and practioners who are interested in Reiki and its effects.

There is a Japanese saying “ 病は気から ”(Yamai-ha- ki-kara)which means sickness starts with the mind.
Human beings and 気 “Ki,” “Qi”= energy have important relationships in our modern stressful society.

Reiki has much more benefits than just relaxation. Therefore further research needs to be done, not only in other foreign countries but in Japan as well.

It is our hope that we would make further progress in Reiki with the help and participation of many people in our society.

Through the scientific demonstration of Reiki and social contribution, we can create a better society together with the participation of other organizations and individuals.


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